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918Kiss APK – The Casino Arcade Legend (Ocean King)

Ocean King is a legend on its own in the 918KISS online casino industry in Malaysia. Sometimes called “embark ikan” in Malay, which means “shoot fish”, this game has become an icon of the online gambling era. Before it went online on mobile devices, this game was only available in casino shops scattered all over Malaysia where you play it on a big machine with a tabletop screen with other players as well. Now we can do it all from the comfort of our phones. The game itself has been highly regarded as one of the best ocean-themed games there ever will be because of its mass cult following in Malaysia and is only to be rivaled by Great Blue Slots.

Step to win 918kiss/kiss918

Ocean King can be found in many online slot casino houses that provide it and there are many versions of the game offering multiplication factors of bullets in X10 X100 X1000 and so on. These will let the player understand at what rate they are playing as some could only afford to play smaller rates and some would love to play larger rates to win big fast. To get the start you only need to register 918kiss login test id for testing out the game.

The 918kiss game revolves around the activity of shooting fish characters on screen using a canon. There are 4 canons on screen in total and you will only be given 1 and the others will be given to other players for them to operate in the same game. The name of the game is to pop as many fish as you can. Each fish character has a different life-size and some will require you to shoot them less before they pop and some will require you to shoot them more. The game will always come to a halt after the boss appears in the final few waves of fish storms. The bosses can take forms of a dragon or bigger fish or even giant crabs. Everyone wants to take down the boss and if a game of 4 people, the last person who hits the boss with their canon gets the reward jackpot. Therefore, when hitting the boss and competing with others, make sure you get the last hit to earn.

The levels of the kiss918 game change after the boss comes into play for a while. If you do not kill the boss, the round will still change. There are different terrains and backgrounds for you to play in and each is very interesting. The levels are well designed and each canon can add damage to their bullets by adding the value spent per bullet. Then each shot you take will be deducted from your account balance and the rewards will be added automatically. This game is fun and simple all in one package that gives you the thrill of playing with others online.


Download and register 918kiss id take a bit of effort because you will need to wait for agents to complete the game id registration for you. The game is fun and easy to understand without much thinking. But you will need good shooting skills if you want to play games such as these. The online casino scene would not be the same without it.

Ocean King provides a simple and easy way for you to get your kicks at a kiss918 online gambling site with the multiplayer system joining you and others together for a session. Shooting fishes passing the screen can be though but it is extremely satisfying poping the right fishes and staying on target to prove that you are doing things right. The game might get boring after a while but so does other games and this game might just be the right quick casino moment you need in your gambling routine. Give it a try and you’ll surely know what it’s like to get the download.

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