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Safari Heat is based on an African animal-themed casino that involves animals of the Sahara Jungle such as the great Lion, Rhino, Giraffes, Birds in 918kiss ios. This game was introduced to Malaysia back a few years ago when SCR888 was at its prime. Safari heat was popular in SCR888 and has become a common choice for players looking to dab in the arts of winning casino games online. Even though this was just an online casino platform, 918Kiss still brings much excitement and joy to its many players that have come to know it as the top online casino house in Malaysia today.

What More in 918KISS IOS?

Safari Heat’s theme as said previously was about the African Jungle. The color schemes of a rising and setting sun are here ever-present, giving the game a much-needed lifting feel to its atmosphere. The game has symbols of animals all over and the wilds are represented by Lions. The soundtrack of the game is well made and fits the theme while still also remains fun and vibrant.

The bonus rounds of the game revolve around giving players free spins in sets. These free spin rounds have a high chance of scoring wins because of the frequent abundance of wild symbols appearing in each reel spin. Moreover, each player should be excited when playing the game because of its high chance of hitting free spins at high random values.


Safari Heat has long been a standard of high-end casino slot games back in the day. This is because, at that time, Safari Heat was among the most advance casino slot game there is out there. Other games just do not keep up to the quality that Safari Heat brings because it was so well made and well designed by developers. The game never ceases to amaze new players which comes almost every day. Once the trend has died out, Safari Heat today is just as good as other casino slot games – imagine that, a game that was made probably 10 years ago still being as good as the games today.

This slot game was also known to be paired together with Panther Moon as players ofter switched in between those two games. Their styles combined make for an unforgettable entertainment session. You are always on the edge of your seat spinning the reels in hopes of winning the “next big one”. And not to mention that both of these games are highly regarded as one of the best free spin bonuses that exist.

918Kiss Download Step 2020

You can get started by downloading the official 918Kiss application from our authorized website and then contact an agent for your 918kiss login ID registration and deposits. After this, you will still have to make sure you have downloaded the right version of 918Kiss’s installation file for your phone as we have different types of files for different devices. When asked by your phone to allow the installation of externally sourced files, click allow. Then once the installation has been completed, you will be able to enjoy your game and any other game that excites you in 918Kiss. But remember to also change your password when logging in for the first time to ensure that your account has a new password that is secure and private.

Summary On Safari Heat In 918Kiss Apk

This is a very nice game for you to enjoy in your free time if you love animal-themed slot games that give you a sense of direction and focuses on quality gameplay. The game itself is a one-stop play fest for those seeking to win big jackpots or even get lucky with a few extra ringgit in Malaysia.

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